16% of melanomas are missed during skin checks

     Melanoma can grow on clear skin to level 3 in 6 weeks

     The naked eye often can’t see enough detail to raise concern

     We have no tools to predict which lesions will turn into melanomas

     Cutting out benign lesions does not decrease your risk of melanoma

melanoma - the problem …

"Monitoring for change is probably one of the most accurate ways of early diagnosing melanoma. This can easy be done by the patient"

Suggested Action:

We suggest that during the yearly skin check the doctor mark all unstable lesions

The patient can monitor the lesions with MoleScope and report any changes of concern at the surgery or online from home

Answer:    Self magnify and monitor for change

How does it work?       

4 Simple Steps

"Check my spot"

New Trends in Skin Cancer Management

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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Slide the MoleScope over the camera of your mobile phone or iPad

Take a photo of the lesion in sharp focus

Take a controle photo 1-2 months later and check for changes of concern

Discuss changes of concern at the surgery or get a doctor's opinion online via the App. A small consultation fee applies.

So how do we best diagnose melanoma early?

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The Challenge: To diagnose melanoma early (level 1)

Level 1 melanoma if managed correctly (correct excision margins) carries a 5 year survival rate of more than 94%



Add some clear jelly (i.e. KY jelly) to the lesion and place the MoleScope window on the jelly. This help to improve the quality of the image