We can offer you the following Services:

Complete Skin Checks with high magnification - including Dermatoscopic evaluation

Artificial Intelligence (AI):     We have online access to the world's leading AI machine to assist with the interpretation of lesions. Our melanography service (skin photography) for high risk patients include Full Body Photography (FBP) and Single Lesion Surveillance (SLS)

Diagnostic procedures include Punch Biopsies and Shave Biopsies

Localised treatment options include Topical Ointments, Daylight PDT (Photodynamic Therapy), Cryo Therapy, Electrocautery and Curette & Cauterisation

Surgical treatment modules includes partial excisions, complete excisions and staged excisions (Slow Mohs Surgery)

Wound Repair includes External Suturing, Internal Suturing (Cosmetic Suturing), Skin Grafts and Flap Repairs

A referral service is offered if further specialised services are needed